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Ms. Ostrom’s Nobel prize in economics

Elinor Ostrom is the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in economics. At last the Nobel committee enters ‘modernity’ but it was more the economic crisis which probably brought this openess to other ways of thinking…An article in the Guardian gives some more detail on her work as well as the statement of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences which says that Ostrom’s award is « for her analysis of economic governance, » and that her‘research brought this topic from the fringe to the forefront of scientific attention’, « by showing how common resources—forests, fisheries, oil fields or grazing lands, can be managed successfully by the people who use them, rather than by governments or private companies« .

It’s a pity that her work is only recognized now but even with this prestigious award it might take some time until her theory gets mainstream and helps breaking the neo-liberal dictatorship.