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Climate science

The recent publication of an article on the role of water vapour in global warming fuels the arguments of the ‘climate sceptics’; after the failure of the Copenhagen Summit and the ‘climategate‘ it seems that the wind has turned and all those who just want ‘business as usual’ to go on have found new reasons to undermine all the efforts to build a society respecting the ecological limits of the earth. The reality is that nothing new actually destroys the argument that humans are warming the planet. We have just to admit that as always the absolute ‘truth’ doesn’t exist in science and the door needs always to remain open to healthy doubts and questions and that’s also the case for ‘climate science’: mistakes were made and other mistakes will be made. What has to be ensured is the absolute transparency of ‘climate science’ so as to avoid to fall into ideology, otherwise this would be the best argument for the ‘deniers’ to reject man-made climate change. And above all, the issue of man-made global warming is along many other environmental/economic problems such as resource scarcity, fossil fuel depletion, biodiversity loss, desertification etc…the signs that our current way of life is just not sustainable and were facts are worse and worse… Obviously nothing is sure and nevel will be as the perfect climate model won’t exist but we can either take the risk to wait and see and hope for the best or decide to act now because the required changes are anyway positive for our societies (renewable energy, energy and water efficient societies…)