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Green tech transfer

The transfer of eco-innovation and green tech from the developped countries to the rest of the world is certainly a central aspect of the battle against climate change and resource scarcity.

The G 77 group led by China in the international climate negotiations now pushes for ‘patent free’ green tech to tackle climate change.

The fundamental question is whether the rich countries should ease the access to the technologies and the knowledge developped in their countries, often with significant public money involved (research, innovation, support to SMEs etc…), ie. have much less restrictive Intellectual Property Rights. I would say that given the urgency and dimension of the challenge (climate change and resource scarcity are worldwide issues with needed worldwide commitment) a very large access should be given to green tech and knowledge developped in the richer countries. The risk  in terms of employement and business for our companies is certainly limited compared to the opportunities offered to the same companies and especially compared to the benefits for the environment and people’s daily life around the world.